Experiment to show that carbon dioxide is needed for photosynthesis

Photosynthesis requires the following resources; Carbon Dioxide, Water and light.

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6CO + 6H O = C H O + 6O The factors that effect the rate of photosynthisis are the amount of light, the amount of carbon-dioxide (CO ) and the temperature that can be used by the plant....

After we breathe in oxygen we exhale carbon dioxide

When photosynthesis takes place, plants use the suns energy to combine carbon dioxide from the air with water from the soil to create glucose (a carbohydrate)....

Efficient solar conversion of carbon dioxide and water vapor to methane and other hydrocarbons is achieved using nitrogen-doped titania nanotube arrays, with a wall thickness low enough to facilitate effective carrier transfer to the adsorbing species, surface-loaded with nanodimensional islands of cocatalysts platinum and/or copper. All experiments are conducted in outdoor sunlight at University Park, PA. Intermediate reaction products, hydrogen and carbon monoxide, are also detected with their relative concentrations underlying hydrocarbon production rates and dependent upon the nature of the cocatalysts on the nanotube array surface. Using outdoor global AM 1.5 sunlight, 100 mW/cm2, a hydrocarbon production rate of 111 ppm cm−2 h−1, or ≈160 μL/(g h), is obtained when the nanotube array samples are loaded with both Cu and Pt nanoparticles. This rate of CO2 to hydrocarbon production obtained under outdoor sunlight is at least 20 times higher than previous published reports, which were conducted under laboratory conditions using UV illumination.

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The radiant energy is broken down the water into hydrogen atom and oxygen atoms, these atoms combine with carbon dioxide to make glucose and oxygen....

Carbon dioxide occurs naturally in the atmosphere

During the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide plus water in the presence of sunlight, enzymes and chlorophyll produce glucose and oxygen as waste product.

Experiments to show factors required by Photosynthesis

By taking a two plants of the exact same species, de-starching them both followed by putting plant one in conditions where carbon dioxide is taken away completely, and plant two will then be put in conditions where carbon dioxide is added, after a day or two in these conditions leaves from both plants will be tested for starch, if the leaf tests positive for...

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I don’t think this is the good idea. why can’t we imagine world free of Cars and small vehicles. we have enough buses, electric trains for traveling long distance. more, what the world would be if this technology “using atmospheric Co2 as a car fuel” consumed all the Co2 from atmosphere (this might be the fiction).

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Through reading various books and web pages it was made clear that carbon dioxide is definitely one of the raw materials needed for photosynthesis, but I wanted to see whether this is actually true and if carbon dioxide is taken away completely will the plant photosynthesize at all.

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I cannot say I understood the article. Are they proposing putting porous material on exhaust pipes which would trap the carbon dioxide? It seems like that would fill up awful fast.

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