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AP European History: Candide Thesis and Outline

--Gustave LansonThe Best of All Possible WorldsAn Introduction to CandideWhile Candide is without a doubt a farcical, humorous, and far-fetched tale, a seriousness lies beneath its satirical veneer.

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In Candide, Voltaire sought to point out the fallacy of Gottfried William von Leibniz's theory of optimism and the hardships brought on by the resulting inaction toward the evils of the world.

Living in the castle in Westphalia, Candide’s realm of knowledge encompasses the ideas presented to him by Pangloss, his tutor, who believes that the world they inhabit is the “best of all possible worlds.” (Voltaire 15) Candide carries the optimism of Pangloss’ belief with him as he is banished from his castle and enters an uncharted terrain.