How do non-green colored leaves in a plant photosynthesize?

Prokaryotic organisms that can perform the same kind* of photosynthesis that plants do

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As we can see, there is a close relationship between the action spectrum and absorption spectrum of photosynthesis. There are many different types of photosynthetic pigments which will absorb light best at different wavelengths. However the most abundant photosynthetic pigment in plants is chlorophyll and therefore the rate of photosynthesis will be the greatest at wavelengths of light best absorbed by chlorophyll (400nm-525nm corresponding to violet-blue light). Very little light is absorbed by chlorophyll at wavelengths of light between 525nm and 625 (green-yellow light) so the rate of photosynthesis will be the least within this range. However, there are other pigments that are able to absorb green-yellow light such as carotene. Even though these are present in small amounts they allow a low rate of photosynthesis to occur at wavelengths of light that chlorophyll cannot absorb.

Plants are mainly multicellular, predominantly photosynthetic eukaryotes of the kingdom Plantae

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Some of this water becomes (temporarily) incorporated into the cells
have a vast surface area of leaves to catch enough sunlight for photosynthesis and these leaves need carbon dioxide which is
reacted with water to form the organic building blocks of the plant's cells, using the energy harnessed by sunlight.

The core LUMO technology is a light-altering dye that converts green light to red light. Red light has the highest efficiency for photosynthesis in plants.

The light-independant reactions of photosynthesis occur in the stroma of the chloroplast and involve the conversion of carbon dioxide and other compounds into glucose. The light-independent reactions can be split into three stages, these are carbon fixation, the reduction reactions and finally the regeneration of ribulose bisphosphate. Collectively these stages are known as the Calvin Cycle.

Oct 03, 2010 · I want to know that do non-green leaves have chlorophyll or not and can they carry out photosynthesis or not.