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From this we may conclude that our Lord's hope for the future was notconcerned with the Last Day as an isolated event, but was concerned also withall those events which are essentially and actually connected with it and whichlead up to the great separation of spirits: in particular, with His death andresurrection, with the outpouring of the Holy Ghost, with the founding of theuniversal Church, and—as necessarily belonging to this- -with the abolition ofthe Old Covenant and the downfall of Jerusalem. Precisely because Jesus knewthat the Kingdom of God was already established in His own Person, because itwas a central fact of His consciousness that the great separation of spirits,the judgment of the world, had already begun in His Person, He necessarilyregarded all the events that depended upon His Person as particular moments ofthe General Judgment which was fundamentally and practically inaugurated withHis Person. And so, proclaiming things in a prophetic manner, He made nodistinction between today and tomorrow. He did not concern Himself primarilywith the position of events in time and history; but in a single, powerfulintuition comprehended their essential character, their real inner unity andtheir connection with His Person. The whole future, the destruction of Jerusalemas well as the establishment and expansion of His Church, was to Him thepresent, the present of His judgment. So His expectation of the Last Dayembraced future generations along with His own, and He could threaten His owngeneration with the Coming of the Son of Man.

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Michael Brown, an otherwise respected Christian apologist and preacher, completely misses the point in his views on Israel. He defends a non-biblical understanding that “Israel” and the Jews as a natural nation still have some separate covenant with God outside of the death and resurrection the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Digua is derived from the word Digua, which means to write chants of sorrow and tearful songs. Digua sometimes is also called Mahelete Yared or the songs of Yared, acknowledging the authorship of the chants to Yared. Regarding Digua’s significance Sergew Hable Selassie writes, “Although it was presented in the general form of poetry, there are passages relating to theology, philosophy, history and ethics.”

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Church history demonstrates, to every unbiased student, how earnestly andausterely most wearers of the tiara have taken their personal obligations, andhow their lofty office has not impaired their humility, love and devotion, buttransformed and deepened them. It is true that there have been popes, especiallyin the tenth century and at the Renaissance, who have given sad evidence of thefrailty of human nature. But their number fades into insignificance before thedazzling company of saints and martyrs which the See of Rome has already givento the world. The words of the Protestant theologian Walter Kohler about PopePius X are true "mutatis mutandis" of the overwhelming majority of thepopes of Rome: "He recked nothing of the political power of the modernstate. He was a priest, and his endeavor was to hold the Host aloft, to lookneither to right nor left, and to bear his Savior through the world." Suchis the idea of the papacy and such its essential nature: to bear the Saviorthrough the world, to devote self to Christ in the service of the community. Soall egotism, all domination, all special privilege is fundamentally foreign tothe Church. And therefore and in that measure the Church fulfills the noblestdreams of democratic equality. Unity and brotherly love have here builtthemselves a house, a house in which, as St. Cyprian says and St. Augustinerepeats (De bapt. c. Don. vii, 49), only those dwell who are of one heart andone mind. The spirit of the Master pervades that dwelling, the spirit whichenriched us with the luminous words: "One only is your Master, ye all arebrethren."

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The only possible reason for somehow swaying for the proper interpretation that there is NO separate covenant for the Jews is Rom. 11:28-29
28 As regards the gospel, they are enemies for your sake. But as regards election, they are beloved for the sake of their forefathers. 29 For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.