Is an oil tanker spill the worst thing that can hit the ocean

Wikipedia has a useful list of the biggest oil spills in history

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Jeffrey joined Working Partnerships USA in December 2016. He leads the work of the Policy and Research team to develop policy campaigns, research and government relations strategies to build a just and inclusive regional economy. Previously he worked with the global antipoverty nonprofit Oxfam America leading policy efforts building alliances with community, labor and business allies to engage the US Congress and Administration on domestic issues including challenges facing the working poor, income inequality, and disaster resiliency and recovery. In the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill, he led the creation of federal policy integrating the needs of local workers and socially vulnerable communities for jobs and training into over $17 billion in recovery funding and developed language for the first local hiring policies in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. He has written numerous influential policy and research reports on issues of the minimum wage, inequality, workforce development, environmental restoration and resiliency, working with the Center for American Progress, the Economic Policy Institute, the International Economic Development Council, the Nature Conservancy and other organizations. He has served on advisory committees to the Washington Center on Equitable Growth, the TOPOS Partnership, the Institute for Southern Studies, World Delta Dialogues and America’s WETLAND Foundation. He also previously worked as the communications officer and Gulf Coast program lead for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

Effects of Oil Spills: An oil spill happens when liquid petroleum is released into the environment by vehicle, vessel or pipeline

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What we need is two different indicators, one to indicate the endpoint for the reaction between H+ and CO32- and the other to indicate the endpoint for the reaction between H+ and HCO3-. The first is and the second is . To calculate the amount of bicarbonate in the mixture, you subtract the amount of carbonate from the total amount of bicarbonate. The titration is quite complex because of the dissolved CO2 generated which you have to boil off. See Oliver Seeley's webpage for some great hints and cautions.

This paper briefly summarises the impact of oil spills on different components of the marine environment, as well as the potential for natural recovery and man-made restoration/re-instatement measures, as envisaged under the international compensation Conventions.

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Under normal conditions many of the ecosystems most frequently affected by marine oil spills are accustomed to natural disturbances. For example, shallow coral reefs are some of the most dynamic environments, frequently exposed to the intense forces of typhoons and tsunamis. Disturbances of this nature typically create space for new organisms to settle and grow. In time, natural processes repair damage caused by such events, returning an ecosystem to its previous functions, albeit potentially comprised of different individual organisms. Natural recovery processes are also important in remediating the effects of oil spills. Recovery can be assisted by the removal of oil through well-conducted clean-up operations, and may sometimes be accelerated with carefully planned restoration measures.

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It is true that an oil spill can have severe short term effects, especially when organisms are considered on an individual basis. However, environmental impacts should always be measured in a scientific context and should be appraised at an ecosystem rather than individual level. In other words, it is important (or more representative of long term environmental effects) to base the extent of environmental damage on the effects to ecosystems. For example, has the ecosystem retained its normal functions or how quickly will they resume following an oil spill?

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At All Hallows' School, Brisbane, chemistry teacher Matthew Stuart uses a more compact method: a boiling tube is used to hold the 20mL wine sample, and 8mL dichromate solution is placed in a small "fusion tube" (a small diameter test tube) carefully slipped into the wine sample. Some parafilm is used to seal the boiling tube, or a suitably sized stopper if possible. With care, the small inner test tube will float on top of the wine sample, and these are left in a drying oven (50°C) overnight to drive (evaporate) the ethanol to the dichromate solution. A pair of forceps is used to remove the dichromate tube without spilling into the wine sample, the outside rinsed with water, and then titrated. One caution in all of this: merely measuring the concentration of the various components of a selection of wines (ethanol, pH, acidity and so on) may not make a good EEI. Manipulation of variables gives students a better chance of demonstrating all aspects of the assessment criteria.

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Zaid Elyaseri is Country Manager for BP Iraq responsible for managing BP’s business integration in Iraq. Zaid is pursuing his MBA in Oil & Gas management from Aberdeen Business School. He is also responsible for working with key energy officials in Iraq. He specializes in commercial and is responsible for driving business agenda in the country. BP is the lead contractor for developing Rumaila oil field, Iraq’s largest field contributing over 40% of Iraq’s production. Zaid held various central and regional finance/commercial roles and was involved in starting up the Rumaila business. He held Prior to BP, Zaid worked for KPMG UK and has headed advisory and risk positons in the Middle East. In 2014, Zaid took up the position of BP Iraq Deputy Country Manager and in 2015 was appointed as BP Iraq Country Manager.