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Prostheses (pross-THEE-sees) are man-made substitutes for missing body parts

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Prostheses are primarily mechanically controlled by body power. However, there are innovations in myo-electric, microprocessor and bionics that enable some prostheses to have externally power controlled assistance. Please see:

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Suspension systems are used to hold the prosthesis onto the body. There are many different types of suspension including suspension sleeves or seals, belts, distal pin and locking systems, vacuum systems and suction valves. The type of suspension is determined individually for each patient based on their needs and activity levels.

The structural interface is the part of the prosthesis that the body connects to in order to interact with the environment. It also connects the body to the artificial aspects of the prosthesis. The “socket” is the name that is most often used to describe this part of the prosthesis