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It does not tellyou how to do something, but instead tells you that you may not do it at all.

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And it will be safer to leave thepower with this key to it, than to extend to it all the qualities andincidental means belonging to the power over foreign commerce, as isunavoidable.

To debar; to hinder.

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Therefore, barring some extrinsic evidence that suggests anotherplausible possibility, we can safely conclude that the original meaning of"among the several States" to those who used and heard this phrase inthe Constitution was commerce that occurred, in Hamilton's words, "betweenthe States." Usageconfirms this.

And it is striking the degree to which these authors, whose tone isnothing if not self-righteous towards those who do not share their views,completely ignore the evidence of usage that the records of the drafting andratification process reveal.

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Any thing made by art." "Agriculture" is defined as"the art of cultivating the ground; tillage; husbandry, as distinct frompasturage." n55 If Johnson is accurate, commerce referred predominantly toexchange or trade as distinct from the agricultural or manufacturing productionof those things that are subsequently traded.

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Therefore, while this sort of textual analysis may well reveal what the term"among the several States" means,it does not tell us in which sense, narrow or broad, the word"commerce" is being used in the Commerce Clause, and we must lookelsewhere for guidance.

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While it is true thatthe clause would be referring only to that subset of gainful activity that canbe conducted "with foreign nations" and "with the Indiantribes" and that this would exclude manufacturing and agriculture, thiswould not be due to any narrow meaning of "commerce," but because ofthe narrowing meaning of "with foreign nations" and "with Indiantribes." In other words, the word "commerce" could still be usedin its broadest sense in a manner that does justice to the sentence as a whole.

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Madison proposed to grant Congress the power "toestablish public institutions, rewards, and immunities for the promotion of ,"strongly suggesting that the members understood the term "commerce"to mean trade or exchange, distinct from the productive processes that made thethings to be traded.

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Finally, the event is for anyone wanting to learn about how we can address Islamophobia.

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The panel takes an intersectional approach to exploring how Islamophobic violence impacts other types of oppression and chronic exclusion to create new barriers and nuanced lived experiences.