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which I have termed the attachment-developmental-cognitive (ADC) hypothesis.

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Even though the relation between parental attachment and deviant behavior has been previously researched, I will be using the family systems theory, attachment theory, and data from the Kentucky Youth Survey in order to test my hypothesis.

Therefore, the KYS data supported my hypothesis for all dependent variables except for peer attachment.

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11. Roisman, G.I., Collins, W.A., Sroufe, L.A., & Egeland, B. (2005). Predictors of young adults’ representations of and behavior in their current romantic relationship: Prospective tests of the prototype hypothesis. Attachment & Human Development, 7(2), 105-121.

Therefore, Ainsworth et al.'s(1978) study should be viewed as a study that generated hypotheses, not that testedthem. In defense of ethological attachment theory, one must say that it has generatedan incredible body of research focused on understanding the social, emotional, andinterpersonal development of children.

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In this work, we attempt to test the hypothesis of preferential attachment in social contact data directly, rather than via asymptotic power law behaviour. We make use of previously collected data on social encounters specifically designed to measure heterogeneity in numbers of contacts amongst the British population, and fit mechanistic models of different complexity to these data. We determine that models with significant levels of preferential attachment have better evidential support from the data than models without.

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A consideration of how much the elements of Mary Ainsworth’s Caregiver Sensitivity Hypothesis and Jermome Kagan’s Temperament Hypothesis might interact to develop attachments