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(photosynthesis inhibitor), such as atrazine, Lorox, or Sencor for increased control.

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Technical Name : Atrazine 50% WP

Type: Pre & early post emergence selective Herbicide

Mode of Action : Systemic-Photosynthesis inhibitor

Major Crops : Maize, Sugarcane, Bajra

Target Weeds : Echinochloa spp., Eleusine spp., Xantheium strumarium, Brachiaria sp., Digitaria sp., Amaranthus viridis, Polygonumspp,Trianthamamonogyna

Dose/acre : 400-800 g

Atrazine at these elevated concentrations is a potent inhibitor of photosynthesis.

Transpiration Rate Reduction in Plants with Atrazine

263-264 ()When treated with atrazine, a herbicide that acts as an inhibitor ofphotosynthesis, both tolerant and susceptible plants showed a reductionin transpiration rate.

Weed Science, Plant Sciences, University of Missouri

The new selective acylanilide herbicide, MT-5950 [-(3-chloro-4-isopropylphenyl)-2-methylpentanamide], was found to be a potent inhibitor of photosystem II (PS II) in photosynthesis. It was not as effective as atrazine in increasing variable fluorescence of wheat leaves dipped in herbicide solutions. However, in assays in which absorption across the leaf cuticle did not play a role, MT-5950 was about 10-fold more effective than atrazine in inhibiting the PSII activity of all the species tested. For example, the I50 values of MT-5950 and atrazine for inhibiting linear electron transport in broken chloroplasts of spinach were 0.08 and 0.8 μM, respectively. Atrazineresistant biotypes of and were about 10-fold and 2-dependent oxygen evolution. However, MT-5950 was equally as effective as atrazine in competing for 14C-labeled atrazine from thylakoid proteins. We conclude that MT-5950 inhibits PS II by binding the quinone-binding 32 kD protein at a site that overlaps the binding site of atrazine, but does not significantly overlap that portion of the atrazine binding site that, when modified, confers atrazine resistance.

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