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My estimate of our cancer patients was almost completely accurate, with 78% falling into the Group I category. What did surprise me was that more of these were Sympathetics (43%) than were Slow Oxidizers (35%). There is a widespread assumption in the alternative health community that cancer is associated with excess “acidity”, though rarely are the parameters of this supposed acidity defined. At the tissue level, cancer cells do indeed typically produce excess lactic acid, which might be expected to result in a compensatory alkalinity in the pH of the blood. The 35% of cancer cases in our survey who are Slow Oxidizers do indeed have alkaline blood, but the larger number of Sympathetics (43%) has acid blood. (Note that, for our purposes, we are using the terms acid and alkaline relative to the perceived ideal venous blood pH of 7.46; all blood is mildly alkaline in the absolute sense). Whether acid or alkaline, both of the Group I Metabolic Types require a diet lower in protein and fat and higher in complex carbohydrates. This diet helps to acidify the overly alkaline Slow Oxidizers, but alkalize the overly acidic Sympathetics (this is because, as we have already seen, foods affect members of the Oxidative and Autonomic systems in opposite ways). This dietary approach is generally in sync with the prevailing nutritional consensus for cancer patients.

alpha2u-Globulin is synthesized by the male rat liver and is an important constituent of the physiological proteinuria in adult male rats.

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7. Synthesis of Fatty Acids from Glucose
After a person has ingested large amounts of sucrose, the glucose andfructose that exceed caloric requirements are transformed tofatty acids for triacylglycerol synthesis. This fatty acid synthesisconsumes acetyl-CoA, ATP, and NADPH. How are thesesubstances produced from glucose?

(1988) Microsomal protein synthesis inhibition: an early mani-festation of gentamicin nephrotoxicity.

To learn what type one is, we have developed a simple, accurate methodology utilizing a modified glucose tolerance test along with other simple objective indicators and a dietary, physical, and psychological questionnaire. From this I can customize an appropriate diet and make nutritional recommendations. This answers a person's most basic question, "What should I eat?" "What are the right foods for me to sustain or nurture good health?" It is ironic that, as a member of a dedicated and esteemed body of nutritionally minded doctors and health practitioners, until now I have had no definitive means of making dietary recommendations-which are the absolute foundation of health. It has been a matter more of trial and error than of science. Note, whereas the Slow Oxidizer and the Sympathetic dominant types cannot have a diet heavily weighted in protein and fat, the Fast Oxidizer and the Parasympathetic types should eat these foods liberally. Most foods and supplements have different biochemical actions on each of these Metabolic Types. For example, potassium will acidify the blood in certain Metabolic Types (Oxidative) and alkalize other types (Autonomic).

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The workbook explains how to monitor and adjust sequential urine pH patterns. These patterns directly affect your well-being and are shaped by diet, supplements, exercise, activities and inherited tendencies. Over time, you will begin to see what pH range best suits you. In this range you feel better, are more energetic and have fewer physical and emotional complaints.

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If we move from the general to the specific, in our experience all patients with pancreatic cancer fall into the sympathetic dominant category, and therefore, in our model, require a plant-based diet. Though for our practice we prescribe a variety of “vegetarian” diets depending on the patient’s particular inherent level of sympathetic activity (there is a continuum of both sympathetic and parasympathetic dominance), most pancreatic patients end up on what we call the “Moderate Vegetarian Diet.” This program emphasizes and allows all plant foods, including unlimited vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains. We usually recommend at least a quart of freshly made vegetable juice a day, a good source of concentrated nutrients and enzymes in their raw, undamaged form. This particular diet does include animal protein in limited amounts, specifically eggs and organic whole milk yogurt daily, as well as lean fish such as sole twice a week but no more. We forbid entirely red meat and poultry, which would too strongly stimulate their already hyperactive SNS.

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However, the distribution of, for example, PGE2 synthesis reflects a more complex picture, its concentration being lower in the papilla than the rest of the inner medulla (van Dorp, 1971).