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At intersections, there are pedestrian refuge islandsand turn bays where needed.

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It is his firm belief that in Architecture, a quality team dynamic that embraces open-minded collaboration provides the best results. William sees each project as a reflection of the personalities that brought it to fruition. His strength in the technical aspects of building construction and his dedication to researching the best solutions make him a valued team member. A great team produces great architecture.

Being an architect and having an interest in urban design I was looking for architectural schools in the UK.

Master of Urban Design | HKU Faculty of Architecture

Jensen & Halstead continues this tradition of innovation and service. We offer a comprehensive package of Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, Procurement, Signage, Artwork and Graphics. Each commission becomes a fresh challenge to apply the latest design solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Architects and interior designers with healthcare and senior living experience may submit their resume via email to:

Iwona has a dual degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago and from the Technical University in Cracow, Poland. Her dual education gave her a broader perspective on American and European Architecture that she can put to use in the modern Healthcare environment with projects that can make a difference.

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In this course our first studio was Tool Session which introduced a set of Urban Design Methodologies to establish a strong basis for future Urban Design projects. The session was a combination of lecture and group working. The creative and informal way of learning with discussions and games made the lectures very interesting. Working in groups and making friends who had come from different parts of world and different cultures was fun although challenging at times because of language barrier. But we wouldn’t come this far to learn if we wanted it not to be challenging, different and exciting right!

The Illinois School of Architecture

A life-long Chicagoan, Barry has a deep love and appreciation for its history, little known facts, neighborhoods, sports teams (Sox, not Cubs) and of course its architecture. Growing up, he was influenced by both his older brother, a structural engineer, and older sister, a writer/poet. Architecture as a career seemed like an obvious choice. After caring for a family member with complex medical issues and physical disabilities and now caring for an elderly parent, Barry's personal experiences give him a unique perspective to his health care and senior living projects.

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Before coming here for further studies I had been working in an Architectural Firm in Nepal. It was the first place I worked after my graduation and it was exciting because I was involved in a wide range of projects, interacting with different clients and professionals from different fields within the construction industry. Simultaneously I was designing residences and participating in competition project with friends. But after two years of working there I felt the time had come to expand my knowledge and that is why I am here now.

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Joining Jensen & Halstead, Ltd in 2011, Barry received his bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is a Licensed Architect. He has a wide range of experience in government and healthcare and related projects - new construction, renovation work, inpatient / outpatient - including medical office buildings, tenant office build-outs, and various medical modalities. Now a member of the Leadership team, he is a detail-oriented team leader experienced in all phases of the design process and is an adept communicator between the design team, the construction team, owner/user groups, and government agencies.