Novel and Fast Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of …

Full text Facile synthesis of N-rich carbon quantum dots from porphyrins as effi IJN

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65. Goswami N, Giri A, Kar S. . Protein-directed synthesis of NIR-emitting, tunable HgS quantum dots and their applications in metal-ion sensing. 2012;8:3175-84

Direct Aqueous Synthesis of Cysteamine-Stabilized CdTe Quantum Dots and It′s Deoxyribonucleic Acid Bioconjugates

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

a) Scheme of synthesizing highly red fluorescent gold nanoclusters. b) Scheme of synthesizing near-infrared fluorescent Ag2S quantum dots with the presence of albumin as the template and its conjugation with anti-VEGF mAb. c) Scheme of synthesizing Gd:CuS@BSA hybrid theranostic agents. Figures (a) and (c) adapted with permissions from [, ].

ARTICLES Facile Synthesis of Near-Infrared Emissive CdS Quantum Dots for Live Cells Imaging Yanyan Cui, Chunfang Zhang, Li Song, Jian Yang, Zhongbo Hu, and Xiangfeng Liu

IMAGE: Using an engineered strain of to control particle size, Lehigh researchers biosynthesized quantum dots using bacteria and cadmium sulfide to provide a route to low-cost, scalable and green...

Nucleoside conjugates of quantum dots for characterization of G protein-coupled receptors: strategies for immobilizing A2A adeno

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A team of Lehigh University engineers have demonstrated a bacterial method for the low-cost, environmentally friendly synthesis of aqueous soluble quantum dot (QD) nanocrystals at room temperature.