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Impact of antenna errors on the radiometric accuracy of large aperture synthesis radiometers

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The Magellan spacecraft avoided this problem by using a method known as aperture synthesis, where a large antenna is imitated by processing the ...

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Eleven teams – so-called consortia – have been selected to design elements of the telescope, comprising hundreds of people from about 20 countries. ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy is leading the international consortia responsible for the design of the Low Frequency Aperture Array (LFAA) and Mid Frequency Aperture Array (MFFA) – two types of smart antenna that will operate at lower frequencies than the more conventional dishes. The Roadmap funding will also be used to develop the software and hardware required to process the vast amounts of data that will come from the telescope. Astronomers from the NL Universities and ASTRON will be closely involved in these activities, in particular to ensure that the telescope is ready to address the most urgent topics to be studied by astronomers.

This paper discusses the methodology of conceptual design of the airborne radar with antenna aperture synthesis (AAS) in the framework of mathematical technology paradigm, focusing on physical, rather than phenomenological models. The performance criterions of design for AAS as a whole system and for its subsystems have been introduced. Approximation of specific effective echoing areas (SEES) matrix on remote sensing data by means of two-dimensional atomic interpolants, two-dimensional atomic Kravchenko wavelets and two-dimensional generalized Kotelnikov theorem with vector parametric atomic functions is considered. The theory of growing interfaces and the classical problem on plane electromagnetic wave diffraction on a wedge was used to build accurately solved models of electrodynamic properties of underlying surfaces in cold regions of the Earth.

The principle of a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Radar Basics

fcs - Fresnel integrals C(x) and S(x)
fcs2 - type-2 Fresnel integrals C2(x) and S2(x)
jinc - jinc and "shifted" jinc function
talbot - Gauss sums for fractional Talbot effect
tbw - Taylor's one-parameter window
tnb1 - Taylor's n-bar window (1-D)
tnb2 - Taylor's n-bar window (2-D)
hband - horn antenna 3-dB width
heff - aperture efficiency of horn antenna
hgain - horn antenna H-plane and E-plane gains
hopt - optimum horn antenna design
hsigma - optimum sigma parametes for horn antenna
Antenna Array Functions
gain1d - normalized gain computation for 1D equally-spaced isotropic array
bwidth - beamwidth mapping from psi-space to phi-space
binomial - binomial array weights
dolph - Dolph-Chebyshev array weights
dolph2 - Riblet-Pritchard version of Dolph-Chebyshev
dolph3 - DuHamel version of endfire Dolph-Chebyshev
multibeam - multibeam array design
prol - prolate array design
prolmat - prolate matrix
scan - scan array with given scanning phase
sector - sector beam array design
steer - steer array towards given angle
taylornb - Taylor n-bar line source array design
taylor1p - Taylor 1-parameter array design
taylorbw - Taylor B-parameter and beamwidth
uniform - uniform array weights
woodward - Woodward-Lawson-Butler beams
ville - Villeneuve array design
chebarray - Bresler's Chebyshev array design method - written by P.

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Principles of antenna theory. Antenna parameters, radiation integrals. Duality and reciprocity theorems. Wire antennas. Antenna arrays. Traveling wave antennas. Broadband and frequency independent antennas. Aperture and reflector antennas. Microstrip antennas. Antenna design. 4 seminars.