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This cruel thesis, a spiteful angel's mockery,Will bring with it the sorrow of futility.
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Having slimmed its studio activity down to size zero, the largest classical label has begun issuing concerts by the New York and Los Angeles orchestras with an eye to cultivating a download habit. The first releases, on both CD and MP3, have the buzz of live performance and the double nuisance of intrusive applause and short measure; concerts last two hours, these albums just 80 minutes. The playing is exemplary but in no way exceptional and the programming is simply routine. Under Maazel’s music directorship, the New York Phil are the best-sounding band in America with the dullest repertoire, powerful in every section and often gorgeous, but daring only in the length to which a viola or cor anglais will occasionally stretch a solo. Who needs its concerts on disc? Not many, I’d guess. In six months of US sale, ahead of this week’s UK release, Soundscan figures show that just 900 copies were bought – barely enough to pay the production team’s wages, let alone manufacturing costs.

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The French soprano, irresistibly frisky in Donizetti and Massenet, cut her milk teeth on Viennese cream cakes during a Staatsoper apprenticeship. She is deliciously at home in Richard Strauss, blow-me-down-beautiful, whether in the slippery Brentano Songs or in the big operas – Ariadne, Arabella and Rosenkavalier. Felicity Lott, Angelika Kirschläger and Sophie Koch do the support roles; Antonio Pappano conducts the orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. No sweet tooth should walk up without this in their Christmas stocking. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf must be greening with envy in her grave.

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Young boy, like a cruel angel's thesis,
Live up to be a legend...

Even though clear blue winds
Beat on the door of my heart,
You just smile, looking straight at me
Too involved in yearning for
Something to hold on
The innocent eyes still know nothing of fate yet.

But someday you will notice
On those shoulders of your
There are strong wings
To guide you to the far future.

A cruel angel's thesis
Will someday fly high from the window
If memories are betrayed by
The overflowing, burning pathos (emotions).
Holding the sky in your arms,
Young boy, shine like a legend.
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The cradle of love that sleeps within me
There will be a morining that
A servant of dreams will come for you.
The moonlight shines on your thin neckline.
I'd stop time in this world
And lock it away for myself, but...

If there is any meaning
In the fate that pulled us together,
Then I am, yes, the Bible
That teaches you of freedom.

A cruel angel's thesis
And then sorrow comes forth
When the shapes of the dreams you hold in your arms
Come to life within you.
Young boy, who shines brighter than anyone else,
Rise to become a legend.

People weave together love to create history
And so I live on,
Unable to become a goddess...

A cruel angel's thesis
Will someday fly high from the window
If memories are betrayed by
The overflowing, burning pathos (feelings).
Young boy, shine like a legend,
Holding the sky in your arms.

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An establishment favourite, with a mini-season on the South Bank and a new post as composer in residence to the New York Philharmonic, the middle-aged Finn is everyone's all-purpose modern composer. Nothing he writes would frighten the horses. His title piece opened the Disney Hall in Los Angeles. Its companion here, his 2002 Concerto for Orchestra, is a half-hour also-ran to Bartok and Lutoslawski, great instrumental skill going nowhere in particular.

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On first and repeated impression, I believe this new release beats the lot. Test, for sheer spine chills, the interplay between Ildebrando d’Arcangelo and the Santa Cecilia chorus and orchestra in the Eja, Mater (track 5), a dramatic tour-de-force with a numinous payload. Tenor Lawrence Brownlee sounds uncannily like the very young Pavarotti and the two women, Anna Netrebko and Joyce Dionato, pitch for close harmony rather than cat-fight. The voices are sufficiently different to sustain intense interest and the rapt backdrop in unaccompanied passages is a triumph for producer David Groves and sound engineer, Jonathan Allen.

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I may have heard duller accounts of the Resurrection, but memory is merciful and they have been wiped. Christoph Eschenbach extends notes beyond their scripted value, overbalancing the opening movement into a meaningless abyss. The andante is better crafted and the Philadelphia Orchestra play like angels, but you can see why they dropped Eschenbach as music director.