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I had my implants in 1990. Silicone, as back then was all they used. 4 days ago, my insurance company finally agreed to removal. My doctor informed me that I had severe calcification and had to have surrounding breast tissue removed. I have very little natural breast tissue. . Honestly the doctor should’ve performed a mastectomy. I am in shock. I have several symptoms of implant illness, most doctors have said my symptoms are in my head.

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I have both 26 year old implants leaking into both lymph under arms and had many illness but very very fatigue, I have covered California blue shield PPO trying to find plastic surgeon contracted to help has been a challenge . Found a couple that want to do explanation but not reconstruction on insurance but I am size D and with the size of capsulation and breastfeeding tissue needed to be taken out it would leave me a deflated balloons deformed. So I am trying to find sugeon to code procedures correctly. En bloc needs large incision so the lolly pop lift incision can be used and they can put new implants or fat transfer to fill the skin. I My fight with insurance is you reconstruct cancer patients on insurance well this is “medical necessity ” the problem I am finding is plastic surgeon’s are afraid of not getting paid so don’t want to code the reconstruction portion trying to get cash which I am on covered California at this time in my life unfortunately and do not have cash or can get credit. I am sure there are many like myself and getting more and more symptoms and illness. If you know any case or anything that can help, I would appreciate any info. Thank you

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I am a 54 year old womn and have had my silicone breast implants for over 20 years. 5 years ago I became very ill. I did not know if I would be able to pull myself through all of the medical issues I suffer. My doctor diagnosed me with sarcoidosis, sjogrens sydrome, RA, chronic pancreatitis plus 24 other medical issues. I am losing hope. I called a plastic surgeon reknowned for implant removal. After getting no response after 5 attempts for information, I gave up. I mentioned to my doctor that maybe we should consider the implants as a cause for some of my issues. She dismissed it very quickly. Thinks are getting worse, not better. I am scared. My quality of life is terrible. Can you offer any advice or suggestions?

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Hi and thank you for your valuable information. I do not have breast implants, but have had a silicon ring inserted to hold my uterus in place. This was last December. I have since experienced many of the symptoms you mentioned. I am certain that I am also suffering from silicon toxicity. Will make an appointment with my naturopath a sap and if you are interested I will keep you posted. Also I value any input you may wish to share. Many thanks, Ingrid

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Where in MA did you go? I am in MA and have been struggling for the last 6 years. I had silicone implants 9 years ago as my saline ones ruptured after 12 years. I never had issues with Saline and now know I will be deformed with no implants(after seeing my ruptured breast) Did you have recontruction of some kind? Do you mind me asking how much it cost? I love my new surgeon( my old one retired) but I know not all do the explants, so I am looking for local contacts. Thanks!!

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My implant journey was every woman’s worst nightmare. 6 surgeries…2 major silicone ruptures…every kind of illness imaginable for over 30 years..destroyed back and neck..disabled 100%…I had the Mentor implants out within a year. They replaced the horrible green ruptured ones. I wanted everything OUT!!! Then I discovered the doctor lied to me and put in a foreign one on the right side without informing me. I went through 100% necrosis..lost both aereolas and nipples. It was the worst thing I ever went through. Now I feel like I am dying and do not know what the heck is in me. It has to come out. Do not know if I can handle any more surgeries and survive. Am severely inflammed and deathly sick. I live in Texas. If anyone knows a doctor in San Antonio who is not a butcher like Dr. Robert Young that could remove the one he put in to cover up his botched surgery and help me get my natural breast to at least match the other side..please let me know. I am dying. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING ANY FORM OF BREAST IMPLANTS. Silicone is everywhere in my body now and can’t get out..but I must have this one out asap as it is leaking more poison into my body. I WANT to be flat now. I am way past vanity after getting butchered and left with yet another surgery. STOP RIGHT NOW IF YOU ARE THINKING OF GETTING ANY KIND AT ALL. LOVE YOURSELF AS YOU ARE. THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR LIFE!!!!!

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I had silicone implant over 27 years ago, i had issues right of the bat with capsular contraction in the left breast. The surgeons solution was to squeeze the contracture till it broke. ?? really. This happened over 3 times till it was discovered that i had a rupture. New surgeon, removed the silicone implant and any residue left, then replaced the implants with saline, this was 25 years ago. The left breast is now feeling very “tight” slight hardening and rippling. I also have the deepest itch, deep in the tissue of my breast. Rash under each breast, dry eyes, fatigue, malaise, and many more symptoms. I want these implants taken out!! I live 3 hours away from our closest major city where I will have to travel for first a consult, then a surgery. I am scared, but I know I will feel better once they are out of my body. I am terrified to have a mammogram, as I feel they will break during the exam, and there is no surgeon in my city that would be able to remove the implants if they rupture. I am on this site for support, for advice and information. Thanks for sharing.