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The dreams are created by the higher centers of the cortex, in which this can be proven.

Activation Synthesis Theory of Dreams - Dream Studies …

test brain circuits
stimulation of brain while asleep
could ensure normal brain
function when awake
Evidence for H&M's Theory
They studied cats!
They looked at which bits
of the brain were active
during REM sleep.
They found 2 active areas they believed to be involved in movement inhibition during REM sleep.
reticular activating system (RAS)
Neurons can be linked to their purpose while the person is awake in a way which relates to dream content.


However Hobson's other evidence says only 34% of 200 dreams did not make logical sense.

Activation Synthesis Dream Theory Explained | HRFnd

What is notable about the Activation Synthesis Dream Theory is the fact that it looks at the biological processes of dreaming instead of attempting to interpret what the meaning of a dream may be. If you’re dreaming about going to school in your underwear, this theory says the content is illogical and a specific meaning shouldn’t be associated with it.

Dreams would then be an attempt to create some sort of meaning from those signals.

A quick search of the internet will find numerous pages that will help you to interpret a specific dream you may have had. Sometimes our dreams can be disturbing and this causes us to seek out a specific reason why such a nightmare occurred. Instead of trying to interpret a dream literally or using the components of the dream to find some sort of meaning, the Activation Synthesis Dream Theory suggests that there is no universal standard in place.

There are many different theories that explain the concept of why dreams happen and where dreams come from.

B1c1 & B1c2 Activation-Synthesis Theory - Prezi

And what does our brain activity cause?
Brain Activity
but the brain is still active
nothing in & nothing out
Hobson & McCarley
Activation-Synthesis Theory
Hobson & McCarley (1977)
They believed there was a dream state generator.
That was part of the brain switched on during REM sleep that gives us a dream state.
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B1c1 & B1c2 Activation-Synthesis Theory Brain Activity ..

Freud’s Interpretation: Dreams As Wish Fulfilment

Sigmund Freud believed problems of his patients stemmed from conflicts and events that had been buried in their unconscious minds since childhood.

The activation-synthesis model of dreaming ..

There is also other evidence that suggests that they do make sense.
Dreams have more meaning...
When reporting dreams people recognise parts of dreams therefore they cannot be as random as the theory suggests.
Lucid dreaming
This is when you know you are dreaming.

activation” stage of the theory

The Activation Synthesis Dream Theory is an attempt to explain why it is that humans dream. It is a question that scientists, philosophers, and clergy have attempted to solve for thousands of years. Under this theory, dreams are an attempt by the brain to make sense of neural activity which occurs while people sleep.

calls it the "activation-synthesis theory." ..

AIM goes hand in hand with the activation synthesis theory and it is used to determine the different states of the brain over the course of the day and night.