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I will use the Chinn & Kramer evaluation criteria to critique this chosen theory.

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An in-depth Labour Market Analysis (LMA; Appendix 8) indicated agrowing need to replace retiring workers in many occupations,including occupations that may be readily filled byoffenders. More specifically, oil and gas well drillers,service persons, and related workers were highlighted as jobs thatwill experience a shortage of workers over the next decade. Furthermore, there will be a continued need for strength innon-residential construction (e.g., 2010 Olympics in BritishColumbia) and in renovation. Both residential home buildersand renovators will benefit. Though the majority ofemployment opportunities are in the skilled labour market, there isstill a need to fill support positions (e.g., residential homebuilders and renovators; contractors and related trades workers,such as in pipefitting trades and carpentry trades). The complete LMA is presented in Appendix 8. Given CORCAN’s mandate to provide employment and employability training and skillsto offenders, it is not unusual that cost of production is high dueto its function as a training service. As such, the costs ofproduction are higher due to higher losses as a result of thetraining process. However, the LMA indicated that CORCANcould maximize its positive margin by concentrating on industrieswhere production costs are decreasing, return on investment isincreasing, or where the production learning curve isshortest. This evaluation indicated that the majority ofinmates are working as cleaners and food preparation workers, jobswhich do not efficiently respond to labour market demand. Furthermore, the average number of hours worked per week is roughly13 hours (minimum hours per week = 2.37, maximum hours per hoursweek = 30 ), which is not comparable to the usual 40-hourwork week considered as full-time employment in the community.

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Finally, this evaluation is limited in the degree of precisionregarding financial comparisons. For example, it is difficultto determine precise costs of individual vocational programs, asthe costing centres reflect a broader range of spendingpatterns. Furthermore, given the massive continuum ofEmployment and Employability Programs, spanning from intake,through incarceration and following-up in the community, costingthe entire continuum was met with great difficulty. Despitethis limitation, every attempt was made to provide the most accurate and comprehensive costing information.

Another limitation of this evaluation is related to the abilityto access and efficiently evaluate data in relation to thevocational assessments (e.g., CAPS / COPS, Essential SkillsPortfolio (ESPORT), Vocational Preference Inventory (VPI),etc.). There is no national standard in terms of theassessments being delivered and the data from these assessments arenot easily accessed. In turn, in order to conduct analysesrelating to vocational congruence, information was manuallyextracted and coded, from OMS. Furthermore, where necessarythe vocational assessments were converted in order to representproxy measures of the vocational interests under review.

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These can include the date, time,place, and names of others who were present and/or witnesses of the actions ofthe staff member being evaluated or reprimanded.

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Following the release of this evaluation report, a ManagementAction Plan (MAP) will be developed based on the findings andrecommendations outlined above. Accordingly, the Office ofPrimary Interest (OPI) will take on the responsibility forimplementing this MAP. In all likelihood, within five years,another evaluation of EEP within CSC will be conducted and at thattime, it is hoped that outcomes for staff, offenders and communitypartners will reflect continued growth and improvement in the areaof employment and employability interventions and their ability to contribute to: 1) public safety; 2) the operations, and safety and security, of institutions; and 3) the well-being of staff and offenders.

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Following the conference the administrator should prepare a legally soundevaluation conference memorandum following the format suggested in the nextsection.

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There are some reasons behind adopting CLIL or bilingual teaching approach in their education system, for example, to improve cross countries (cross language) traffic, and as a respond to the important of English language as a dominant language in the world (Samala, 2009)....

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RECOMMENDATION F (2): CSC’s EEP would benefitby ensuring the continued monitoring and analysis of labour marketneeds, direction, and trends. CSC should ensure the alignmentof EEP with labour market demand. It will be equally criticalthat monitoring and analyses are both region and sitespecific. Meeting labour market need may be achieved in partby ensuring that all offenders develop appropriate employabilityskills, as identified by the Conference Board of Canada. Importantly, although not isolated within this evaluation, theNational Employability Skills Program (NESP) delivers these employability skills.