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A Scientific Investigation – What types of food contain starch and protein? (revised 9/2016)

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I would like you to write a Biology Lap Report for me about PHOTOSYNTHESIS.
The lab report should include: Introduction (Scientific title), Method, Hypothesis, result, and conclusion. It should has tables and/or graph. For more information see the PowerPoint that I uploaded. It also should have 4 sources. I have uploaded the data, so that you can understand the experiment and use the table on the lab report paper. We used a potassium Iodide.

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a) xenotransplantation
Patients die every year for lack of a replacement heart, liver, or kidney. For example, about 5,000 organs are needed each year in the United Kingdom alone.25 Transgenic pigs may provide the transplant organs needed to alleviate the shortfall.9 Currently, xenotransplantation is hampered by a pig protein that can cause donor rejection but research is underway to remove the pig protein and replace it with a human protein.25

This overview provides a sequence of learning activities to help students understand that proteins and DNA are not just abstract concepts in biology textbooks, but rather crucial components of our bodies that affect functions and characteristics that students are familiar with. Students learn about the functions of proteins and how different versions of a protein can result in a characteristic such as albinism or sickle cell anemia. Then students learn that genetic information in DNA results in the different versions of these proteins, which is how genes influence our characteristics. These concepts are conveyed in discussion, web-based, and hands-on learning activities that can be used in an introductory unit on biological molecules or as an introduction to a unit on molecular biology. (NGSS)

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For example, Manfred Eigen of Germany's Max Planck Institute says, "There is no doubt that proteins, which are more easily formed, were first on the scene" .

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This activity provides a sequence of learning activities designed to optimize student learning and understanding of osmosis by beginning with a student investigation of osmosis at the macroscopic level and then moving to analyzing osmosis at the molecular and cellular levels. In Part I, "What is happening to these eggs?" students observe and analyze the effects of osmosis on eggs. In Part II, "Osmosis – Effects on Animal and Plant Cells", analysis and discussion questions introduce students to a molecular and cellular understanding of osmosis and challenge students to apply this understanding to interpreting their results in Part I and several “real-world” phenomena. (NGSS)

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