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STU: Joining us in the studio, an author, radio host, commentator extravaganza. It’s the author of Martin Luther: The Man Who Discovered God and Changed the World. Eric Metaxas.

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Dennett's model was inspired by many sources. One was ' Towards a resonable libertarianism, which cited and as suggesting quantum indeterminism. . Another was 's 1969 two-stage "generate and test" model for creating computer artifacts (Simon, 1969, p.), itself a computer version of Darwin's random variation and natural selection model for biological evolution. Another source was Hadamard's book. Dennett (p.293) quotes the poet Paul Valéry (from Hadamard, p.30), who imagines two agents (in one mind?)

Catholics believe in solagratia. But it is a faith that is not separated from works (perJames). Faith inherently includes these works (even Luther and Calvinagree with that). But we're not saved by faith alone (that's whereProtestantism errs); we're saved by grace alone. That is the Catholicteaching. Grace is primary in the whole process, so in that very realsense we can say "saved by grace alone" (i.e., withoutseparating works of course) -- whereas we can never say "savedby faith alone" (i.e., with works playing no part at all) --which is classic Protestant heresy, or "saved by works alone"(i.e., without grace) -- which is the Pelagian heresy. The trueCatholic position will always include the works alongside grace andfaith.